Troubleshooting Guide

How to Fix Crashing, Not working Error?

BeeTV may crash when the version you installed is not suitable for your device. This will happen because of a recent update for BeeTV. Here you have to get the older version of the app. Crashing errors can occur when the version you use is outdated. Here you should download the latest version of BeeTV.

How to fix “No Connection Error”, “No Data Error”?

If BeeTV shows you a  “No Connection Error”, check your network connection. You should have a strong internet connectivity while watching the video content in high resolution.

  1. First, change DNS Settings. It may have a unique IP Address included. Change it if you know how to operate it.
  2. These errors can also happen if any other app interferes with BeeTV as ad blocker apps. This may affect the functioning of BeeTV. So, disable the other app and run BeeTV again to fix it.
  3. If the video contents are not available in your region, get a VPN and stream contents on BeeTV APK by enabling it.

How to get subtitles in BeeTV?

  1. Launch BeeTV and find the video you prefer to play. The app will provide you with links.
  2. Select a link from it.
  3. Next, click on Play with Subtitles options. You will see the preferred language list and you need to select one option.
  4. Now, you will get subtitles on your video.

How to fix App Stopped Working Error?

  1. First, clear the cache of BeeTV. Go to Settings and open the Apps and Notifications option from there.
  2. Now choose the BeeTV profile and open the Storage option.
  3. Click on the Clear Cache Option on the screen.
  4. Finally, run the BeeTV App on your device. This will start working again