How to Download BeeTV on Roku

  1. Install BeeTV

    First, install the BeeTV on the Android device.

  2. Install LocalCast

    After downloading the APK file, then you need to install an application named LocalCast. Download this from the Google play store.

  3. Launch LocalCast

    Now launch the local cast app, you can find a yellow-colored casting icon on the screen.

  4. Find the Available Devices

    Next tap on the icon and then you can find out a list of devices available for screening.

  5. Tap on “change the scan active for“

    Now you can see an option “change the scan active for “, tap on it and search for Discovery option.

  6. Select your favourite Movie or TV Show

    After that, select the BeeTV app option. Select your movie or TV shows which you need to watch.

  7. Streaming with LocalCast

    Choose Play with option and click on Local Cast as your streaming application.

  8. Select Roku Device

    Now, you can select your Roku device and start having fun with your favorite content.